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If you have questions or need any general information our customer service team will be happy to assist you.


Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time, without prior notice. For the latest version on these Conditions please see it online on our Website. These Conditions can be saved electronically or printed by all users of our Website. Whilst they remain posted on our website, these Conditions will apply to all transactions carried out via our Website, e-mail and by telephone. By placing an order, it is implied that you accept our terms and conditions as listed below: Updated version 30/04/2019

  1. We reserve the right, without prior notice, to discontinue products or change specifications and prices on products.
  2. Prices always refer to a single unit and VAT is not included in the price. Legal tax and fees must be subsequently added to the price
  3. The prices are EX WORK Rio Tinto, Portugal. They do not include don´t include shipping or assembly service;
  4. Specifically, on Upholstery items, the price includes the standard fabric; in case a different fabric from one of the brands from AKACHA MarketPlace is required, the client should contact the sales Rep enquiry the price;
  5. Standard packaging is included in the price. Should the client require specific packaging, it will be charged accordingly.
  1. All accounts will be registered once the first pro-forma Invoice is issued;
  2. Client has to provide valid company details such as: Billing name, Billing address, VAT number (company registration number or resale certificate number).
  3. Pro-forma orders will require a 50% deposit with the order and the balance prior to shipping from Portugal;
  4. Customized/bespoke proformas will require 100% of the payment;
  5. Proformas should be signed and stamped by the client as a form of approval of the described content.
  6. Payment must be made by wire transfer (in Euros € or in Dollars $) and a confirmation (receipt) of the transfer must be send to the sales representative. Payment also confirms data described on proforma Invoice;AKACHA LDA
    Bank Details
    BPI Account EUR

    Bank Details
    BPI Account USD

  7. All pieces are the property of AKACHA MarketPlace until payment in full is received.
  8. AKACHA MarketPlace reserve the right to defer the dispatch date until the balance of the order is received.
  1. AKACHA MarketPlace reserves the right to apply a warehouse fee except for mutual agreement between both parties.
  2. Upon completion, an additional storage fee of 120€/m3 per week will be charged to any stored merchandise if the invoice balance is not fully paid and shipping arrangements have not been made within 4 weeks from the date the goods are received in our warehouse.
  3. This fee will be cumulative until the remaining amount (invoice balance and storage fees) is fully paid and shipping arrangements have been made.
  1. All quoted completion and delivery dates are estimates only.
  2. Production time from AKACHA MarketPlace’s brands is maximum of 12 weeks. Sales representative will inform the correct lead time, depending on the brands’ orders.
  3. For pieces with custom specifications or orders of large quantities AKACHA MarketPlace reserves the right to agree with the client on a different lead time.
  4. Lead time for orders with COM products only start once the fabric arrives at our office and is properly identified.
  5. All fabrics must be identified with the proper document – provided by AKACHA MarketPlace sales rep.
  6. AKACHA MarketPlace is not responsible for delays in production or any fabric misuse if the fabric is sent without identification by the client.
  7. AKACHA MarketPlace is not responsible for delay in production time if there is failure in submitting the confirmation (receipt) of the transfer.

We keep a reasonable number of products available for shipment. To get hold of our Ready to ship List, please contact one of our Sales and Product Specialist or access through this link: Ready to Ship List – availability of the product must be confirmed with the sales representative.

  1. Dealer internet websites may neither advertise, nor in any way display the AKACHA MarketPlace name, logo, product images or any other branded company symbols or information without prior written consent from the company.
  2. Dealer websites may not display pricing on AKACHA MarketPlace products, promotional offers, discounts or value statements (e.g. lowest price). Please contact AKACHA MarketPlace for further company guidelines on internet/marketing usage.

We reserve the right not to sell to, or continue to sell to, any dealer whose distribution or sales tactics result in a negative effect on our ability to compete and sell within a market area.

  1. Each AKACHA MarketPlace brand design is hand crafted. While every effort is made to maintain uniformity, slight variations may occur.
  2. AKACHA MarketPlace is free of committing any design improvement without notification. Images on catalogue or website may vary from the final product. We work every day to enhance the quality of our products aesthetically, usability and reliability.
  3. For custom requirements every case will assessed individually by our design team. If a custom drawing is required there can have a fee applied to the service

AKACHA MarketPlace has samples available of all its standard finishes, for hard case and fabrics. If the clients wishes to acquire any of the finishes they should contact, via email at or the sales representative in order to purchase them. Ussualy the value of the samples is deduced in your next order with AKACHA MarketPlace.

All rights reserved. No part of AKACHA MarketPlace design pieces may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including prototyping, 3D drawings, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the brand, except noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the brand, addressed “Attention: Copy Right permission,” .

All the transports made by AKACHA Lda are insured. If transportation is arranged by AKACHA MarketPlace, fees will be charged separately from the product(s) value. Standard shipping quotation includes door-to-door, drop off service only. If a different service or urgent delivery is required, the customer must clearly request it when placing the order and will be charged accordingly. All products are carefully packed and inspected prior to shipment.

POD must be signed with reservations. In case of apparent damage, the customer must open the goods in front of the carrier and mention the damages on POD. The customer should keep the products in the final destination and save the packages. In case of no apparent damage, the customer must mention on POD – “received the goods but will be checked the state”. In this case, the customer has a maximum of 7 days, after delivery, excluding Sundays and holidays, to claim.

AKACHA MarketPlace is not responsible for damage caused by handling, loading or unloading by people acting on behalf of the customer. Since the Terms and Conditions of the order are EXW, AKACHA MarketPlace is not responsible for loss or damage in transit. Should visible or concealed damage occur in transit, immediately notify the delivering carrier with initial notification of intent to file a claim.

Any damage should be communicated to the sales rep from AKACHA MarketPlace during the first 48 hours after receiving the order; photographic and video evidence of the damages should be sent via email. Failure to report concealed damage within 48 hours of reception may result in the denial of the claim. Proving that any damage in the piece(s) caused by the transport requires re-placement, AKACHA MarketPlace compromises to exchange the damaged part or complete piece(s) within a period agreed with the customer.


How do I place an order?

To order one of our exclusive pieces please fill the form to be contacted or send us an email to

When will my order ship? When will it arrive?

Your order will be shipped once the production is complete and you have made the full payment. The delivery time depends on the shipping options you choose and on your location.

Do we need to open a trade account?

The Trade discount can be applied for initial quotes with the valid VAT, Registration number or resale certificate number.

What is the status of my order? How do I track my order?

You can always check the status of your order by email with your sales representative and we also provide details about updates before shipping.

Is Packaging included in my order?

Packging is included in the price. When the use of a wooden box is mandatory, the client must let his sales representative know when placing the order. Also, if the client requires specific packging, it will be charged accordingly.

I couldn’t find the answer I’m looking for here, what do I do now?

Send us an email! Our customer service team will be happy to help with any other question you may have! Send your name, PF number (if applicable), and question to
Our hours of operation for customer service are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Portuguese time, excluding weekends and major portuguese holidays. Our customer service teams will do their best to respond as quickly as possible.

Do you want to carry us in your store?

Please, contact our team at in order to receive our wholesale conditions.

Can the pieces be customized?

Yes, we can produce custom pieces, per prior approval from our design department.

When does the production start?

Once you place your order we will send you a Proforma invoice stating all the details regarding your order and how to proceed. Once you made the advanced payment we will start the production. 40% advanced payment is required for standard orders and 50% for custom orders.

What is the lead-time of production?

Production time is between 7 to 14 weeks and depends on the brand represented by AKACHA MarketPlace.
Delivery time is not included.

Where are your headquarters located? And the production?

They are both located in Oporto, one of the best European destinations, a historical city in the North of Portugal.

How are your payment conditions?

Proforma Invoices will require a 40% deposit with the order and the balance prior to shipping from Portugal (shipping EXW Portugal).
Customized pro-forma orders will require 50% deposit.
All pieces are the property of AKACHA MarketPlace until payment in full is received.
We reserve the right to defer the dispatch date until the balance of the order is received.

All the prices are ex-VAT?

All our prices are tax-free so they do not include the VAT.

What shipping options do you offer?

If you wish you can schedule the transport from our factory to the desired location. If you prefer we can help you thru the process and find the best available transport option for you. In this case we will be happy to assist you and clarify any question during the transport period. Please make sure that the shipping address is correct, as we’re unable to redirect orders once they are on their way to you. Although, if you choose to select the transportation company by yourself we don’t take any responsibility for anything related with this matter.

Do you ship overseas?

AKACHA MarketPlace sells its pieces all over the world and we provide help with the transportation. We work closely with our shipping partners to minimize the potential impact of custom delays on our overseas customers.

What is your return/exchange policy?

No returns will be accepted without written consent from AKACHA MarketPlace.
Unauthorized returns will be refused at the customers expense. For authorized return we will provide all the information needed

How do you proceed if the pieces arrive damaged to the final destination?

All our pieces leave our factory in perfect condition and perfectly packed. We are not responsible for loss or damage in transit. If a visible or concealed damage occurs in transit, please notify immediately the delivering carrier with a file notification of claim intention. Please note: Failure to report concealed damage within fifteen days of receipt will result in the denial of your claim. Any damage should also be communicated to AKACHA MarketPlace during the first 48 hours after receiving the order; photographic evidence of the damages should be sent by email to or to the sales representative.

Do you offer a repairs service?

If the product is correctly used it and for some reason it gets damage, we will take responsibility and repair it.

How can I clean my product?

Each product has a clean and care guide. You will find the most suitable cleaning option in our website, in each product page, or with your sales representative.

How long is the products warranty?

We offer a 2 years warranty as long as the products is correctly used and maintained in the most suitable conditions.

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