“The most beautiful creativity, design and craftsmanship selected by Karla Chacon”

Akacha means: the passion for my work, through the inspiration "Akacha", I visited the world and met many cultures, discovered many religions, met many people, I discovered wonderful craft products made by exceptional craftsmen, created by wonderful designers.

From Mexico to France, from the Ivory Coast to Gabon, to Equatorial Guinea towards Italy and Switzerland, meeting Asia: China, Tibet, Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka discovering the history of these countries their ancient traditions through the talent, delight and passionate eyes of designers who create art and beauty for our interior design projects.
I have explored different cultures of architecture & design and discovered fine arts that from culture to culture change in character and meaning.

"Akacha" invites international economic development for "small and medium enterprises", wants to create a place where design is celebrated, accessible to all creatives and its lovers. "Akacha" wants to develop the courage to present itself to the world in a sustainable, simple and immediate way. His innovative and courageous method of creating opportunities for the dissemination of knowledge stimulates economic and social development, also known as International Business Development, because every talent needs to be known, to grow and economic resources to develop its business.

"Akacha" was born to celebrate the "Skilful & live Changing Design", a modern and innovative method for sustainable economic and social development called international Business Development, as every talent must be known, grow and have economic resources to develop its own business.